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My account email verification link is giving an error.

Account email links expire after a period of time. The original ones expired after an hour. The new ones expire after 1 day. If you have a problem with the email verification link, don't worry we've still captured your sign-up and your account will not be impacted.

I used the wrong email or misspelled my email when I signed up!

Just contact support and we can get that changed for you.

I want my account to be removed.

Just contact support with your account email address and the date of birth on the account. Delete an account removes it completely from our system and your data will no longer be available.

Can I start over with a fresh account?

We encourage everyone to just keep going with their existing account. For the contest, what matters is that you take photos during the sign-up period. Starting and then missing out for a month or three happens. Just pick it up and keep going.


How do I track macros?

If you want access to a large database of foods, you'll need to switch to the Calorie / Macro Tracking tracking system. The Meal plan option gives you macros for reference but the app calculates the portions you need to consume of those items.

Do you have vegetarian or vegan meal plans available?

No, we do not.

How do I change my nutrition options?

You can change your nutrition tracking system at any time by tapping on "Menu" and then tapping on "Nutrition." From here you can change it under the "What are you more likely to do?" option. You will have the option of choosing between “Portion Control”, “Meal Plan” or “Calorie / Macro Tracking.”

I just changed from Meal plan or Portion control to Calorie / Macro Tracking and my macros are really different. What gives?

When calculating Macros for Portion control and Meal plan, we take into consider sex, weight, and your fitness goals. This is a basic macro calculation that is "good enough" for most people.

For users using Calorie / Macro Tracking, we look at sex, weight, goal weight, activity level, and fitness goal, and then macro preference to calculate macros specifically for you. Depending upon your goals and various stats, the two can be very different.

If you make changes to your options under Nutrition, you will see the results immediately reflected in your macros:

Macros being immediately changed on My Profile.

What are the differences between those 3 options?

Portion Control: Gives you portions for 3 select food groups per meal. Protein/Veggie/Carbohydrates.

Meal Plan: Gives you portions for 3 select food groups per meal. Protein/Veggie/Carbohydrates. Allows for you to customize how many meals over the course of a day.

Calorie / Macro Tracking: Gives you a set of macros unique to you based off of your sex, weight, goal weight, activity level, and fitness goal, and then macro preference that you select.

Can I track custom or keto macros?

Yes! Users can use custom macros (including keto). To customize your macros go to "Nutrition" in the Menu list. Make sure you have Calorie / Macro Tracking selected. You will see a button that says Customize my macros:

Macro customization from the My Profile screen.

From the nutrition screen, you can tap on the Customize Macros button, and then customize them by filling in the boxes (Protein/Carbs/Fats). Once you have completed filling in all 3 boxes, select “Update” and your customized macros will be updated for you

Can I track custom food or scan barcodes?

Yes! Users can switch their nutrition to Calorie / Macro Tracking and are able to scan barcodes, track thousands of foods, and even add custom foods.

How do I track macros that won't scan

Users using the Calorie / Macro Tracking are able to input custom macros by using the “Quick add calories / macros” function by clicking on the + sign located in the Meals Tab.

Can I save meals?

Yes! You can save your meals by clicking on the 3 vertical dots at the top right of your individual meal tab, and then select “SAVE AS MEAL”. You will then have to enter a name for your meal and then select “SAVE”. Once saved, you can search for your meal the next time you go to log food by clicking on the “ADD FOOD” tab.


How can I start my photos over at day 1?

In short, you can't. Each challenge lasts all year for a calendar year. Because of this, we cycle the numbers on the photos whenever you take your first photo in a given year. If your photos do not say "Day 1" on your photos that is 100% OK as the day numbers are there for you to measure your progress throughout the entire journey, not just a single challenge.

Who can access my photos?

We understand that photos can be a sensitive part of the process. As such, we take handling your photos seriously. In short, the people who can access your photos are: you, your Transphormation Advisor, and the contest administrators.

Can I delete my photos?

Currently you cannot delete your photos from the app. We can delete photos on an as-needed basis.

I took photos earlier and want to upload them, can I do that?

No, you cannot. Photos must be taken in the app. You may not use edited or photos that are otherwise stored on your device.


How can I change my workouts?

You can change your workouts at any time by going to My Profile and then changing the workout preferences there. If you've already completed a workout for today, you'll see the new workouts tomorrow. Just use the arrows to go to the next days and see what's coming up.

Can I edit workouts?

No, you cannot make changes to the workouts at this time.

Can I change my rest day?

The rest days are built into the workouts. However, you could just swap the rest day and mark off the workout as completed.

I'm only seeing the gym workout?

The free version comes with a standard body-building workout. If you want to access the at-home, EMOM, and other workouts, then you'll need a premium membership.


Can I sync my data with my other devices or apps?

We do not currently support syncing workouts or nutrition data in the My Tranpshormation app. It is something we are looking at for the future, though.

Premium Subscription

I went premium but nothing changed in my app.

Once you go Premium, you'll need to go My Profile and change your workout and / or nutrition preferences there.

I purchased a premium subscription but it is still prompting me to purchase premium!

If that happens, please try the following:

  • For iOS:

    1. Open the side menu.
    2. Tap on "Help & Support"
    3. Tap on "Refresh Premium Status"

    If this does not fix it for, you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  • For Android:

    1. Go to your Google Play Account and cancel the subscription.
    2. Go back into the app, go to "Help & Support".
    3. Tap "Clear Caches".
    4. Log out.
    5. Delete and reinstall the app.
    6. Log back in (don't create a new account).
    7. Try the subscription again.

    If that does not work, please contact support.

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

Please note that 1st Phorm does not have your credit card and we are unable to manage your subscription for you.

If you purchased the subscription on an iPhone please see this article for help in managing or cancelling your subscription.

If you purchased the subscription on an Android device please see this article for help in managing or cancelling your subscription.


I want to change my Advisor, how can I get a new one?

You can drop your advisor at any time. Just go to "My Advisor" and at the bottom tap "Drop Advisor". Then you can go and request a new one. If you need help finding an advisor contact us and we'll help you find one.


Regarding Credit card charges

1st Phorm does not have access to credit cards and cannot help you with billing related questions. If you have billing related questions, please contact Apple or Google Play directly.

Step Counter

I use Samsung Health. Is that supported?

The app currently only integrates with Google Fit. If you want to sync Samsung Health data, you will need to sync it with Google Fit using a 3rd party app.

One that may work is this one: Health Sync. Please note that our link to an app is not an endorsement, nor has it been tested.

I am on iOS and not seeing any step data, how can I fix this?

Please check that the app has the correct permissions


Help! My app isn't working/connecting!

If you ever find yourself getting logged out and unable to log in or otherwise just not able to use the app, check your connectivity. Here are some tips that have worked for others:

What versions of iOS do you support?

The app supports iOS versions 11+. For the best experience, you should be on the latest version of iOS.

What versions of Android do you support?

The app supports Android versions 8+. For the best experience, you should be on the latest version of Android.

Contact Support

We'd love your feedback! If you've got an idea or something you'd like to see. Use the support link to let us know.

If you need help finding a trainer, please contact Jeremy. He can help you find a trainer that will work for you.

If you run into errors like "something went wrong" or other technical issues, please contact support.

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